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September – November

9/02/2010COMMUNION MEDITATION: An Abundant Feast
9/13/2010 – OTHER VOICES: Jay Guin – “The Naked Gospel – Two Stories”
9/22/2010 – BIBLICAL INTERPRETATION: 1 Corinthians 14:37
10/3/2010 – OTHER VOICES: Edward Fudge – GraceEmail
10/25/2010 – MUST WE SIN?
10/27/2010 – COMMUNION MEDITATION: One Honest Man
11/03/2010 – COMMUNION MEDITATION: Great Is Your Faithfulness
11/09/2010 – OTHER VOICES: Megan Starling, Age 13
11/10/2010 – COMMUNION MEDITATION: When the Dead Sea Becomes Fresh
11/11/2010 – A TIME TO REMEMBER: Harding Class Reunion
11/24/2010 – MAXINE’S TAKE ON LIFE
11/25/2010 – A Thanksgiving Day Proclamation
11/26/2010 – A Christian Bulwark Against Islam
11/27/2010 – OTHER VOICES: The Little Foxes
11/28/2010 – COMMUNION MEDITATION: Ascension into Glory


2010 – 2009

9 Responses

  1. where are Satan’s angels right now?

    • Revelation 12:9 speaks of the devil and his angels being cast out of heaven down to earth. The context shows that this is in present time, for the saints are defeating them by the blood of the lamb and their own testimony. This will continue until they are cast into “the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels” (Matthew 25:41). 2 Peter 2:4 suggests that some angels who sinned are already in chains of darkness awaiting their final condemnation.

      • Thanks for responding. Do you know what sin the ones committed that are bound in chains?

  2. Jude verse 6 says, “And the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority, but left their proper dwelling, he has kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day….” They wanted a higher position than God had given them – much like Adam and Eve wanted to be “wise like God.”

    This is the root of all sin: rebellion against God.

  3. Since all of Satan’s angels are bound in chains, it is only Satan that causes people to do bad things. Since Satan is not omnipresent like the Lord, what are most people worried about. If Satan is working on someone in France, he can not be in the United States hitting upon us. Even if Satan were in Texas, people in Michigan wouldn’t have to worry about him. So, why does every preacher infer Satan is on your right shoulder all of the time trying to get you to sin?

  4. Who said that all of Satan’s angels are bound in chains? Peter nor Jude said that. Their ultimate fate is the lake of fire. At present, that “binding” is still future.

  5. Sorry it as taken so long to get back to you as my wife and I went on a long vacation out west and just returned. As you mentioned, and from where I got the idea of the fallen angels being bound came from Jude 6. If they are not bound in heaven where are they?

  6. Jerry, when we will be in our spiritual bodies in heaven 1. will we be wearing clothing?, 2. will we need to eat and drink?, and 3. what will we be doing during the day?

    Thanks for helping me understand the bible better.


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