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OTHER VOICES: Edward Fudge – GracEmail

One writer who is generally brief, but packs a lot into a few words, is Edward Fudge. He is among the most progressive voices in the Church of Christ today. He has a kind, gentle spirit that radiates the love of Christ. While many disagree with many of his views, he presents them in a way that commands respect for the man.

I knew his father when I was a boy. He used to speak on the lectures at Mt. Dora Bible School where I was a student, and stayed several times in our home. His father was among the more conservative branch of the Church of Christ, being “Non-Institutional” when that divide came in the 1950’s. That is Edward’s background.

Now, he is an attorney in Houston, TX. He has been a publisher and has also written several books with wide acclaim.

Here is the first of a promised series of posts on Islam.


It is shocking to hear, as we now do with increasing frequency, that millions of Middle-Eastern Muslims hate the West, and the USA in particular. Political correctness says they hate us because they disaprove of democracy, capitalism, and “the American way of life.” That is a convenient answer that lets us say “tut, tut,” and go on feeling good, but it is also wrong. In fact, widespread Muslim animosity toward us is grounded in Islamic religious conviction. But do not Islam and Christianity share much in common?

Well, yes and no. They both teach that there is only one God (the word for “God” in Arabic is “Allah,” used by Moslems and many Christians alike), and that people should submit to him, but then their paths divide. Islam says that Jesus was a prophet of God, was virgin-born, and ascended to heaven, but it denies that he is God’s Son, that he died on the cross, or was raised from the dead. Muslims say that Jesus will come again — to convert the world to Islam. Islam teaches a heaven and hell, but it bases both destinies wholly on human merit. Still, these are not the reasons that so many Muslims hate the West.

Their hatred stems, first, from the presence of “infidel” (nonbelievers in Islam) military troops in Muslim countries, which Muslims see as gross sacrilege. Second, Muslims abhor the lewd and decadent lifestyle that characterizes Western television, movies, music and fashions — which Muslims see invading their own countries despite their efforts to keep these out. Third, Muslims consider any land ever inhabited by Muslims as the rightful inheritance of Muslims forever.

Since Muslims occupied the land known today as Israel and Palestine at various times from the eighth century after Christ until the establishment of the State of Israel in 1947, Muslim logic concludes that Israelis are unlawful occupiers of Muslim territory, and that the U.S.A. is an equally guilty co-conspirator. I totally and unequivocally reject Muslim logic in this regard, but no good is served by closing our eyes and wishing that it did not exist.

Copyright 2010 by Edward Fudge. Permission hereby given to reproduce, reprint or forward this gracEmail without change and without financial profit.

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