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Musing About Baptism

As a life-long member of the Church of Christ, I have had a keen interest in the subject of baptism as long as I can remember. In 1976, I wrote my Master’s Thesis on the subject The Use of Baptism in Exhorting Christians in which I demonstrate that the apostolic use of baptism when addressing Christians (i.e., in the epistles) was to encourage them to unity in Christ, purity in life, and surety in their hope. More recently, I have been tossing another idea around in my head about baptism for the remission of sins, an idea that deepens my understanding of Acts 2:38 considerably. Continue reading



After fleeing to Egypt, Joseph & Mary took Jesus to Nazareth. We know little of him until he was 30, except one incident in the Temple at age 12. There, he was about his Father’s business, asking and answering questions, amazing scholars of the Law

But God was moving in Israel. Continue reading

SIMPLIFIED JOURNEY (22): The Word Made Flesh

The Bible begins with God speaking the world into existence then commanding the ordering of the world according to His plan. In the Garden, God continued to speak with the Man and the Woman as He had continual fellowship with them in the Garden where He placed them. When sin entered the world, God banished them from the Garden – but He continued to speak with them and their descendants.

This continued throughout all the days of the Old Testament until the voice of God fell silent after He spoke through His prophet, Malachi. Continue reading

John the Baptist & Jesus: Matthew 3:1-17

To Fulfill All Righteousness

Following the birth narrative, including the flight into Egypt and return to Nazareth, Matthew is silent about what Jesus did until he was an adult. From Luke we learn of his visit to the Temple at the age of 12. That is also where we learn he was about 30 when he came to be baptized by John.

Some time before that (we do not know how long), “John the Baptist came, preaching in the Desert of Judea and saying, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near'” (Matthew 3:1-2).

John was a rough-hewn man from the wilderness. Some suggest he came from the settlement that produced Continue reading

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