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READING: 2 Kings 4 – Elisha, Miracle Worker

Elisha saw Elijah go to heaven in the whirlwind and picked up Elijah’s mantle. Elisha now led the schools of the prophets and worked miracles too. 

A prophet’s widow came to Elisha; her husband’s creditor was taking her children as slaves. She had nothing except a jar of oil. Elisha said, “Borrow vessels from your neighbors, go in, and shut the door behind you, and pour oil into those vessels.” When the vessels were full, she returned to Elisha who said, “Sell the oil, pay your debts; you and your children can live on the rest.” 

A wealthy woman invited Elisha to eat with her. He stopped there for meals passing through. She asked her husband to build a room on the roof of their house where she put a bed, table, chair, and lamp for Elisha’s use when he stayed. Elisha asked what he could do for her in return. She asked for nothing, but Elisha’s servant, Gehazi said, “She has no son, and her husband is old.” Elisha said call her; when she came, he told her in due time, she would have a son. 

As the boy grew, he went to the fields with his father. One day, he complained, “My head! My head!” The father sent a servant to take him to his mother. The child died on his mother’s lap. She laid him on Elisha’s bed, saddled a donkey, and went to Elisha. The LORD hid what was bothering her from Elisha, but he could tell she was in bitter distress. He sent Gehazi with his staff, telling him to go straight there without talking with anyone, and lay his staff on the boy’s face. Meanwhile, she would not leave unless Elisha came too. Gehazi laid the staff on the boy’s face, but with no sign of life. Elisha met him coming back and heard his news. At the house, Elisha went into the room, alone. He prayed, then stretched himself over the boy, mouth to mouth, and hands to hands. The boy’s flesh became warm. The child sneezed seven times, and Elisha called for the Shunamite to come, take her son

Elisha was in Gilgal with a company of prophets; he told his servant to make stew in the large pot. One prophet brought wild gourds and put them in the pot, without knowing what they were. When they served the stew, they cried, “There is death in the pot.” Elisha threw flour in the pot and said to serve it. There was nothing harmful in the pot. 

A man brought first fruits of his harvest, twenty loaves of barley bread and fresh ears of corn. Elisha said serve the food. His servant asked how he could feed a hundred people without more food. Elisha said the LORD said, “They shall eat and have some left;It happened according to the word of the LORD. 

Elisha reminds us of Jesus in his miracles. 



Father, I hear of Elisha’s miracles with wonder. When I think of all he did, in this chapter alone, I am amazed. It is not my lot to work miracles – but the miracle of salvation is these for all. And I can have a part in pointing someone to the Lord Jesus, my Savior. This is my prayer in Jesus’ name, AMEN! 

MY PRAYER FOR YOU (and for myself)      

Father, God, again I pray that each who reads this will think about Elisha’s miracles, some modeled after Elijah’s, the widow, her son, and the jar of oil plus meal for bread compared to the prophet’s widow and her jar of oil. The Shunamite’s son raised from death is also like Elijah and the widow of Zarephath and her son who died. And we can also compare this with those whom Jesus raised as well. It is natural to compare the one hundred fed with twenty loaves with the five thousand fed with but five loaves and two small fish by Jesus. If I will use all the Lord gives me to work with, could the work that any of us do be considered miraculous? I think it can when we realize that one Greek word for “heal” is also the word for “save.” Of course, Jesus is the Savior, but we can work with Him in pointing others to Him. So, this is my prayer, for all who read this and for myself, in the Holy Name of Jesus, AMEN! 

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