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When The Cause Replaces the Cross

I picked up the following from Tim Archer this morning. His blog is always interesting and challenging, and he provides links to his reading as well. The following was among his links today. It is so in line with my own approach that I wanted to share it with you.

Something that is becoming more and more apparent to me is that too many of us are becoming more politically motivated than we are gospel motivated. Read the following (including the link) and ponder the implications of it. Then share with me what you think….

Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!

When The Cause Replaces The Cross

We are united, not by our acts of service, but our Savior’s service even unto the cross. When we seek something other than the kingdom, we become just like any other social agency, except ours is baptized in religious rhetoric. Remember, non-Christians engage in good deeds too. Gospel proclamation makes the difference!


3 Responses

  1. Great thought!

  2. Thanks for bringing up this topic. I believe so many different translations tends to fracture Biblical study and belief. I want the translation that reflects closetest to the
    original wording in our English/American language. There should be no attempt at changing original meaning to satisfy any current attempts at removing any differences among us. As individuals there will always be differences even between twins etc. and so it should be. We all seek good relationships, which arise from people who work at being good, but what is good, only God has showed and taught goodness, right from wrong, since the beginning and with His ultimate gift to us all, Jesus, The Christ, plus His written word, The Bible, it is imperative to not stray from their original meanings and intentions in any way. They have had the gall to publish a “bible for homosexuals”, in which God’s words have been deliberately changed to support and condone homosexuality! Buyers BEWARE!!!

  3. Thank you, Stan, for reading and commenting! I always welcome your comments (even if they disagree with my thoughts).

    Thank you also, Kattie. Because of the nature of translation of one language into another, it is often difficult to have a literal translation. For one thing, sentence order and syntax is different in each language, so a strict word-for-word translation that does not even adjust word order to reflect the meaning in the target language just might be unintelligible or (even worse) misleading.

    However, I agree with you that translators should translate and not rewrite to fit their own agenda. We must always shape our thinking by the Word of God and never adjust the Word of God to fit our thinking. We do enough of the later unintentionally because of our tendency to read back into the Scriptures what we think instead of drawing from them what the author intends us to get.

    The only way to avoid this pitfall is a rigorous attention to the actual original text in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek and to attempt to replicate that in the target language (for us, in English).

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