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QUESTION: Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

I received the following question via the question-box on  my congregation’s website, www.Plymouth-church.com where I have answered hundreds of questions over the past four years.

Mar 16:16  And is baptized (kai baptistheis). The omission of baptized with “disbelieveth” would seem to show that Jesus does not make baptism essential to salvation. Condemnation rests on disbelief, not on baptism. So salvation rests on belief. Baptism is merely the picture of the new life not the means of securing it. So serious a sacramental doctrine would need stronger support than this disputed portion of Mark.IS BAPTISM REQUIRED TO BE SAVED? I DON’T THINK SO.

The criminal that was crucified beside Jesus was not baptized but was saved by having faith in JESUS, he was not baptized, why do you say baptism is essential for salvation. I believe being baptized is necessary in obedience to God, but not as a prerequisite to be saved.

This question has generated a lot of debate and confusion for nearly half a millennium. Until the Protestant Reformation, this was not Continue reading

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