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OTHER VOICES: From a Russian Observer of America

Someone sent me an article published under the name Mat Rodina sometime back. Since then, I have been following his postings, about 1 or 2 each week.

He is a Russian journalist with no love for their former communist regime. At times he says things that are hard for an American to hear. He attributes most of the ills of the world to the Anglo-US alliance, and (with some justification) blames us for the communist revolution that installed the Soviet regime.

Yet,  he has some words of wisdom. He is Russian Orthodox in religion. He calls for repentance and return to the Orthodox faith. I concur in his call for repentance, though I differ from him in my understanding of the orthodox faith to which we need to return. He thinks of it as the Eastern Orthodox Church. I think of it as simple New Testament Christianity.

Following is a little of what he had to say.


People of America: I write this to you, as I have seen and preached over and over again, that your elites are the corrupt sons of Satan and the worshipers of Mammon and human degeneration.

We the people of Russia were the first to recognize your independence. We the people of Russia backed your Union in your civil war, though I now apologize to the Confederacy for this. We were your allies during the Chinese uprising. We were your allies in WW1 and WW2.

Your elites, for all of this, have betrayed us and our Motherland countless times, backing and financing and creating the forces of evil that rent from us our Holy Orthodox Monarchy and gave us evil of Marxism for 70 years.

As to what you are facing, I for see one of 2 possibilities: either absolute tyranny by your elites, in the form of a “progressive” cult of personality and one party rule or the dissolution of your empire abroad and your nation internally.

Read the entire article here.


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