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MEMORIAL DAY: Remind Me, Dear Lord

Today is Memorial Day. This day is set aside by our nation to remember those who have given so much to give us freedom.

How do most of us remember? Let’s be blunt – but truthful. Most of us don’t remember at all.

How do we celebrate this day? We use it as a paid holiday, the first day of summer frolics. It’s a day of barbecues, beaches, and bumming around. It’s a day to go out to the ball park, a day of family fun. We may be somewhere there is a “fly-over” by military planes, so for a brief instant we “remember” there is a military power guarding our liberties and freedom. Most of the day, though, we devote to ourselves, our pleasures, our enjoyment, our happiness.

An Allegory of Something Else?

Is how we remember those who make possible our political freedom an allegory of how we remember Him who makes possible our spiritual life and freedom in Him?

Do we remember Him? Do we remember what we were without Him? Do we ever think of what we would be if it were not for Him? Or do we lose ourselves in the pursuit of the frivolity we call “happiness”?

Why, sometimes we are so frantic in our search for happiness, we could not recognize it when it comes because we are rushing about so much trying to find it.

We have a national holiday to remember those who have given so much. Jesus gave us a memorial in which to remember Him. Sometimes, I think we take each of these with the same degree of seriousness.

Oh, there will be parades and ceremonies today, just as there will be Christians gathered around His table on the Lord’s Day. Is it possible, though, that the Church takes the Lord’s Supper about as seriously as most of the nation takes the ceremonies of remembrance?

So, let’s stop and think for a bit about some of the things we need to remember.

A quick search of the Bible on “Remember” or “Remind” gave many suggestions – before I even got into the New Testament!

  1. God is witness between you and me. (Does remembering this change how I treat you?)
  2. Remember those who help you & show kindness to them. (Do we treat those who help us as Pharaoh’s cup bearer treated Joseph?)
  3. God’s creation, redemption, & sanctification as we worship Him.
  4. God’s commandments, to obey them.
  5. The time I met the Lord face to face. (Of course, if you have never met God face to face….)
  6. I was a slave to sin before God redeemed me and set me free.
  7. Jesus has defeated Satan as surely as God defeated Pharaoh in Egypt.
  8. God leads me through the wilderness of this life, caring for me and sustaining me at all times.
  9. God gives me the power to get wealth and earn a living.
  10. I have often provoked God. (Do I remember this? Paul did.)
  11. God has discipline, majesty and glory.
  12. God delivered me. Do I remember my conversion? Am I still being “converted”?
  13. I need the lessons I can learn from my parents & those older than me. Do I remember these?
  14. God is leading me to the new heaven and the new earth, as He led Israel to their promised land.
  15. Remind me of my sins.
  16. Let me remember God’s wonders, miracles, and judgments.

These are just a few of the things I should remember daily – and constantly through the day. These things are the very essence of my life in Christ.

I love the song by Dottie Rambo called Remind Me, Dear Lord. The chorus says:

Roll back the curtain of mem’ry now and then;
Show me where you bro’t me from, and where I could have been;
Remember I’m human, and humans forget;
So remind me, remind me Dear Lord.

When I was chaplain in a nursing home we had a patient who would sometimes want to leave to go see his parents back at his childhood home. When I would gently tell him that this was not possible, he would stop – and then remember that they were dead.

I need to remember that I am now dead and my life is hid with Christ in God. I tend to forget that and need reminding. I need to stop what I am doing – and remember.

So remind me, remind me, Dear Lord!


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