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Danny Dodd is the pulpit minister for the Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola, FL. He has done mission work in Lithuania, and returns there each summer to work in a youth camp setting. I met him in the Spring or Summer of 2008 as I was visiting churches on behalf of Eastern European Mission. I was impressed favorably with his demeanor and gentle spirit. Since then, we have corresponded some regarding EEM materials for his use in the Lithuanian camp work, particularly our new Teen Bible and new Children’s Bible.

A native of Mississippi, Danny is a graduate of the Magnolia Bible College. Like many, Danny has experienced some hard times in his ministry and in his family. Yet, he has learned through these to know how to comfort those who are afflicted (see 2 Corinthians 1:3).

His blog is called Adventures in Preaching and is the first (alphabetically) in my list of “Links” down the left side of this blog. While I do not read his blog consistently, when I have visited his site, I have consistently been blessed by being there. You can find him at dannydodd.wordpress.com.

Here is a small sampling of recent posts there.

A Theology of Ecology? (2/22/2010)

Based in part on N.T. Wright’s book, Old Testament Ethics for the People of God, Danny points to several principles (not hard fast rules) that affect our view of the world around us. Among these are the following:

  • The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.
  • God is the Creator who still has an interest in His Creation.
  • Man has been given “dominion” over the Earth.
  • “The Jubilee model taught to Israel (Leviticus 25, 27) demonstrates how God wants us to approach the environment in a balanced and healthy way- a way in which is both beneficial to the environment and to us.”

His conclusion:

God’s theology of ecology is consistent with his overall grace-filled biblical theology. We are not to mistreat our gift of the earth. We are not to greedily exploit it bringing about wasteful destruction and abuse. Neither are we to divinize it and prevent the proper use of its resources to help sustain us. Our theology of ecology should be faith-based, not fear-based- resting upon the principles God gave Israel for just use and treatment of the land.

The earth is an amazing and renewable resource. God has gifted it to us and asked us to make sure we remember it still belongs to him and to continue to treat as his gift.

You can read this post here.

“The Jesus Response” February 16, 2010

Here are his comments about a planned sermon series of how Jesus interacted with His culture, which Danny says is very much like ours. Proposed lessons include:

Jesus ministry was grass-roots. He primarily moved and worked among the common folk- the poor and oppressed where His message resonated strongly.

Jesus was the definition of authentic. This is a postmodern buzz word but key to Jesus impact.

He presented a counter-ethic that empowered the powerless. Last will be first- lose life to save it- go the extra mile- turn the other cheek, etc.

He refused to get off-message. His detractors could not steer him into debate or away from his mission. Often we spend much time focusing on things that sound spiritual and religious but in fact make no difference to the hurting and lost.

He chose truth over tradition and people over institutions. Christ was not about propping up institutional traditions- he was about changing lives through truth.

You can read this post here.

This sounds, to me, like an interesting series of lessons. Too bad I live so far from Pensacola to be able to visit and hear it.


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