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COMMUNION MEDITATION (24): What Will Endure?

“Do you see all these things? I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down. – Matthew 24:2

In Matthew 24, Jesus answers questions about His coming and the end of the age: when will it be and what sign will portend His coming.

The disciples asked because He said the Temple would fall.

I think they missed His point. Oh, the Temple would end alright. One generation, and poof!

Jesus’ point was bigger than that. The Temple was their pride and joy. They viewed it as the jewel of Jerusalem. To them, it was indestructable.

Why they thought that, I do not know. History had already seen Solomon’s Temple destroyed.

The Jews  had come to trust the Temple instead of God. Accordingly, God would destroy their idol built with hands for a Temple made without hands.

Every work of man is like that Temple. The World Trade Center fell in hours. All I build will end.

That is why I need to let Jesus build me as a living stone in His eternal Temple where God is forever.

This Table brings me back to basics. Only Jesus and His works endure. Nothing else will last.

Do I, at this Table, remember that?

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