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QUESTION: Can Communion Bread Have Cinnamon Sugar?

At the _____ church of Christ, they serve homemade communion bread with cinnamon sugar sprinkled over it.

On my first visit there, I was communing and was taken by surprise by the brown something on top of the bread. I pinched off the whitest part but still tasted something sweet. Of course, the idea was tantalizing, so on my return, I planned to worship there again. Sure enough—cinnamon sugar. Is this acceptable?

The Scriptures do not give us a recipe for communion bread. The Old Testament simply says the “shewbread” (KJV) placed on the Table of Shewbread fresh each week and then eaten by the priests, was to be “unleavened.” Also, the Passover meal included unleavened bread.

We assume that because Jesus used unleavened bread at the Last Supper, we must use unleavened bread in the Lord’s Supper. This may be an accurate assumption – or it may not. The text did not say anything about “unleavened bread,” but only “bread.”

First Corinthians 5:6-8 may speak of the Festival of the Lord’s Supper, though there is nothing in the immediate context that demands this. These verses speak of Christ as the Passover sacrificed for us. These verses call for unleavened bread, but then define the term as “the bread of sincerity and truth” in contrast to the leavened bread “of malice and wickedness.”

In any case, I hardly believe cinnamon sugar is leaven. I’ve never seen it on communion bread at the table, but I know of nothing in Scripture that would keep us from using it.

I have known of people who thought this bread could not be salted either – even though the “recipe” for the grain offering calls for salt (Leviticus 2:11-13), but no leaven or honey.

Of course, this question comes from a mind-set that looks for every detail of our worship to be “authorized” by an express word from Scripture – or prohibited by the God’s silence on the matter. I really do not believe that we should read the Bible expecting to find such detailed instructions. Had God wanted us to use a particular recipe for the bread in the Lord’s Supper, I believe He would have given it to us – and not left us to try to puzzle it out on our own. Where God has given instructions, we need to obey them; where He is silent, we should not make laws to fill in the silence.


5 Responses

  1. I believe that it doesn’t matter as long as you are doing it from the heart. The heart is what matters to God! I think the way we do communion in the church of Christ could use some changes including it being a fellowship meal.

  2. Preacherman,
    I believe you are right about us needing some changes. I’m not sure how we get back to the Lord’s Supper in the context of a fellowship meal – but I would sure like to see it tried. So much of our talk about the Lord’s Supper misses the whole point, it seems to me. But this is one of my “hot buttons” that can get me going. Thanks for your input.

  3. We use the store bought wafers as a matter of convenience because our group is so large. And we also only offer it Sunday morning. I know some people have a problem with this but it seems there are no Sunday night only people and everyone gets there in time now. I guess that leaves out the content of the Lord’s Supper to no one’s interpretation and it remains consistent each Sunday. Can you enlighten me about the “fellowship meal”.? I dont think Ive studied that before.

    • Linda,

      Thank you for your observation and question. I will have a post in reply as a blog entry tomorrow morning (April 25, 2010).


  4. […] 1QUESTION: Can Communion Bread Have Cinnamon Sugar? « Committed To Truth SUBMIT […]

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