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After keeping this Topical Index for a while, I discovered that by putting the Categories (on the right side of each page), you can get a listing of all posts in that category simply by clicking on it. Since most posts have multiple categories, this gives a much more comprehensive index than the one I was creating here – with a lot less work on my part! So, I discontinued maintaining this topical index.

When an item is noted as a Series, the Link here is to the first article in the Series. The posts in the series are linked through “Next” and “Previous” at the bottom of each article. You may see a list of all series by clicking on “Series” at the top of any page. You may then select any series you want to examine from the list there for a list of all items in the series with links for each post.


Series: Traits of the New Testament Church. This six post series deals with the church in the New Testament. What made it different from the world around it?


Series: – Meditations from Matthew

A Pet Peeve About How We Observe the Lord’s Supper


A series of lessons on the meaning of discipleship


Our Helper: Tempted To Do Good


SERIES – Christian Leadership. Leadership consists of those things that give one influence in whatever capacity he is acting.


A Facebook Note By My Daughter (And Dad Is Proud!)

Note: These are real questions from real people that I have been asked to answer. I have many more of these that are not yet posted on this blog. Over time, I hope to add many of them to this site as well. See other “Subject” indexed material for posts not directly related to one of these questions.

Children and the New Birth: Is my five-year old daughter ready for the sinner’s prayer?

Communion: Why Do Christians Skip Communion?

Denominations: Is There a Holiness Denomination?

End Time: What will our bodies be like after the rapture?
End Time: Will the Believer’s Body Go to Heaven?

Ecclesiastes 9:12 – What Does the Saying “The Race Is Not To The Swift But To Those Who Endure To The End” Mean?

Faith: Does Surgery show a lack of Faith?

Family Is It Right for My Father to Pray My Baby Dies?

Family: Does the Bible Require a Married Couple to Wear a Wedding Ring?
Family: Is Inter-racial Dating Sin?

Family – Is It OK for a Married Couple to Have Anal Sex?

Family: Is It OK for a Married Couple to Use Porn to Enhance Their Sex Life?

Family: What Does the Bible Say About Remarriage?

God’s Holiness: Is There a Holiness Denomination?
God’s Name:
Is it right to use different names for God?
God’s Will Is the Will of God Always the Same?

Holy Spirit: Are Tongues A Sign You Will Go to Heaven?

Holy Spirit: Is Tarroting the Way You Receive the Holy Spirit?

Instrumental Music – What Does The Bible Teach About Musical Instruments In Worship?

Occult: Is Tarroting the Way You Receive the Holy Spirit?

Preachers – Why Do We Need Preachers?”

Solomon’s Temple – How Long Did It Take to Build & What Did It Cost?


Temptation – What Makes Satan’s Lies Believable?


Reconciliation – “Here Am I, Lord! Send Me!” – Christ

74 – 10/10/09
– SERMON: “Cross Bearing”

Since I work with Eastern European Mission, I will post from time to time about Christian work in that part of the world.

Churches Without Buildings
– An article I wrote that Edward Fudge Posted on His Web Site


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