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Communion Meditation (6) Putting First Things First

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  – Matthew 6:33

Life often feels confused and chaotic. This is one result of our sinful condition. Nothing seems to go right – at least in part because I am confused and my heart is chaotic.

Bread and WineI have trouble sorting out the most important things. My focus is blurry because of the clamor of everything around me. Many things constantly demand my attention – and get it, even though I know they are inconsequential, even trivial.

How can I sort these things out and make sense of what I am doing (or not doing) and becoming (or not becoming)? Jesus put His Table in His kingdom for this very purpose.

When I remember Jesus in this fellowship meal together, He brings me back to first principles – His kingdom and His righteousness, not my comfort and prosperity.

The sacrifice of Jesus focuses my mind on two things: my sin and God’s love. The more I realize the depth of each of these, the more I will love Him and want to serve Him. Hence, the Supper is a time of renewal of my commitment to the Lord.

Fellowship with Jesus does not happen in isolation from my brothers in Him. Loving Him (whom I have not seen) demands love for my brothers (whom I have seen).

Nor can I love Jesus adequately without loving all those for whom He gave Himself. That is, I must love all who are lost and show it by serving them and sharing Jesus with them.

This Table is in the Kingdom of God, where I find all good things. Let me focus on the things of God that I may find peace and joy.

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