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Question: Is It Right for My Father to Pray My Baby Dies?

Dear ——–,

Question: Is it biblical for a father to pray for your baby to die just because he does not approve of your choice of a man? And when you marry the man, pray that your womb closes up?

Is it biblical? I know of no place in the Bible that addresses this question. Is it in keeping with biblical principles? I am not able to give an answer to that question either – except to say that it does not seem to be in keeping with the character of our God. He is the creator of life, not its destroyer. The devil is the one whose name is Abaddon, which means “Destroyer” and who is a murderer from the beginning.

Even when mistakes occur, the Bible teaches us to forgive, and that includes you forgiving your father as well as him forgiving you.

The situation you describe reveals a man with a lot of hurt and residual bitterness over a decision made by his daughter not to listen when he warned her about a marriage he sees as harmful. Your question does not give any clues as to why he thinks this marriage is harmful. More often than not, though, fathers can see men whom their daughters want to marry more clearly than their love-smitten daughters can see them.

The way you word your question, I suspect you were pregnant or already delivered of the baby when you got married. Speaking as a father, I can understand your father’s reaction to the man if that is the case. I cannot condone his wanting the baby to die, but have you ever given him the benefit of the doubt at all? Could it be that he preferred the baby to die rather than to face the life he could see you and the baby’s father providing for it?

I am not making final judgments on either of you here. I am asking you to try to see the situation as your father sees it. I am not saying he sees it as he should. I am saying you may not see it as it really is either.

I know this is not what you wanted me to say to you, but it is what I hope you are willing to hear. Make an attempt to find reconciliation with your father. Otherwise, you may both continue to hold bitterness and hurt in your hearts.

I hope this will be of some help to you in finding peace within yourself, with your father, and and with God.

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