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Questions – Is Surgery a Lack of Faith?

Question: Our son has fluid on his brain-the doctors want to do a shunt to get the fluid off his brain-we have prayed about this-he has been doing so well and we only want the best for him-we want to know is there anything in the Bible stating it is okay to do surgeries or is this something that we should leave in God’s hands and he will heal him if God’s will?

First, let me express my sympathies for your son and his medical problems. I know a little of what it means to have a child that is medically challenged, as I had a daughter who suffered from Cerebral Palsy. I feel for you as well as for your son.

There is nothing in the Bible that directly speaks of surgery. The modern medical sciences were unknown in Biblical days, so the Bible does not directly address these issues. Hence, we must look for principles, not specific statements.

Though one of the kings of Israel was rebuked for trusting in a doctor instead of trusting in God, Luke was a close associate of Paul, the apostle – and he was a physician. It is possible to be treated by a doctor and still trust in God.

Consider also this fact. In the Lord’s Prayer, one of the things Jesus taught us to pray is, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Now, we could have the attitude that, “If God said to pray for our daily bread, we must trust him to deliver it to our door! And if we do anything to get it, we are showing a lack of trust in God!”

That, however, is not the attitude we should take about our daily bread. Paul wrote, “If any will not work, neither let him eat.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10). If we are to work for the food that we also pray to God for, we can certainly accept the services of a doctor to help in curing a disease we pray to God about. At least, I can see no reason to think we should not use a doctor while we are expected to work for the same food we pray to God to give us.

Now, we must realize that ultimately our food comes from God. We must also realize that ultimately, healing comes from God as well. God gives seed to the sower, the soil in which to sow it, and the sun and the rain to nourish it – as well as the strength to plant, cultivate, and reap it.  God also gives our bodies the recuperative powers they need to overcome disease – as well as the intelligence to discover and use things outside our bodies that will promote healing. Yet, it is still God who gives the food and God who gives the healing.

My advice to you is to listen to your doctor – but to continue to pray to God and to put your trust in God. How do you know but that God will heal your son through the hands of the doctor?

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